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Jessica Rojas
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Jessica Rojas is a French-Venezuelan coach, speaker and trainer, specialized in talent development and career transformation. Previous to her coaching career, she cumulated over 6 years of experience in consulting and change management accompanying transitions of big companies present worldwide.

Economist from UCAB (Venezuela), MSc in International Marketing from Rennes School of Business (France), and MBA in Entrepreneurship from Paris School of Business. Certified as a Change Facilitator with NLP, International Coach with NLP, and Dolquest° Expert.

Based in Paris but working globally, Jessica speaks fluently Spanish, English and French and delivers training, coaching and conferences in these three languages. Jessica’s style has a combination of a human sensitivity towards the needs /difficulties of each individual and the pragmatism of a well-conceived and efficient strategy to go through change.

Jessica bases her work on her highest personal values: freedom, engagement, quality and guidance. Every day, she exploits her best abilities: good listening skills, pedagogy, open-mindedness, flexibility and a strategic vision to help others to build an inspiring career and to lead clients to success.

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