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Leigh spent 13 years, part time, studying marketing at UNSW… more face-to-face study than a PhD, while gaining national recognition in FMCG marketing, including being featured on Current Affairs TV, metro newspapers & business publications.

In his 20s he reached Senior Account Director in major advertising, direct marketing and FMCG sales promotions agencies, moving to marketing management where he succeeded in categories as diverse FMCG, I.T. & government.

Leigh was offered a lecturing role (in mass media) as an undergraduate, but chose participation in product launches for different companies.

In his 30s, Leigh was lured to the UK where he turned around an ailing pet food company, increasing its market share 6-fold in under 18 months, knocking Pedigree Pet foods on its butt. While in UK, he found time to complete a Graduate Diploma in Strategic Planning. At London City University

Returning to Australia, Leigh took up a role as Marketing Head of Bush’s pet food company, again crucifying Mars Pet Foods, stealing 12% of market share in a test launch in just three months! Leigh describes this as his greatest failure. Why? “You never threaten a market leader when you are a small challenger… it was TOO successful, they knew it, and attacked with international resources to quash repetition of this success.”

Consulting over the past 12 years he has helped clients grow sales by as much as 50% in 1 year, launched numerous products, and delivered sound advice in corporate strategy.

Leigh also found time to teach (part-time) both graduates (MBA) and undergraduates (Marketing Planning & Strategy) between 2003 until 2009 at the University of technology in Sydney.

Originator of “The Law of Diminishing Brand Loyalty”, Leigh is a popular presenter in marketing management and a sought after speaker. He conducts marketing training workshops both across Australia and internationally.

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