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Carita Nyberg
  • Professional title: Master Trainer
  • Institution: Keys2Balance Oy
  • Country: Finland
  • Number of Books: 7
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Carita Nyberg works as an transformational trainer, speaker and coach for her company Keys2Balance. She has facilitated and inspired many leaders and teams assisting in bringing forth their natural strengths and improving their collaboration skills for more than a decade. She also works as a recruiting consultant and has experience also in training leaders and teams in multicultural companies. Her toolbox is Keys2Balance, a set of nine insightful keys for leadership, communication or collaboration challenges. She is also available as a keynote speaker, here some popular topics: Stress-free in 3 minutes; Discover Your Hidden Powers; What Motivates You Really; Overcome Your Obstacles.

Carita is currently based in Helsinki, Finland and loves travelling. She is expanding to international markets, training both live and virtually. Her past experience includes working in versatile marketing management and business strategy roles. 

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