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Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1
4,6 (34 Anmeldelser) Læs anmeldelser
ISBN: 978-87-403-0763-4
1. udgave
Sider : 151
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  3. Indledning
  4. Indholdsfortegnelse


Alexander Valencia ★★★★★

Excelente libro gran aporte al conocimiento de un SO por excelencia.


This book is for anyone with very little or no experience in using the operating system Windows 8.1.

I like to think of it as a handy, offline Encyclopedia, that answers most of the questions you might have about Windows 8.1.

It can also be used to get inspired to use some of Windows 8.1 less known functionalities.Like everything else you use almost every day, it is satisfactory to know as much about the options you are offered as possible.

Read the entire book, and you will gain a very high degree of knowledge about the possibilities Windows 8.1 offers you.


This book is aimed at new users of the operating system Windows 8.1, installed on stationary computers or laptops. Users of computers with touchscreens, like tablets, may also enjoy the book, even though navigating on touchscreens is only described in chapter 5.1.3 Navigate on a touchscreen

If you are not an experienced user of a computer, you will hopefully find answers to many of your questions in this book.

If you are comfortable working with Windows 7 you will probably find many things have changed in Windows 8.1.

Windows 8 was undoubtly designed for a touchscreen, with big ‘tappable’ tiles in place of small, fiddly buttons to click on. There are two whole new Graphical User Interfaces: the Start screen and the Apps view (read more in chapter 6 Graphic User Interfaces…).

That design has been modified in Windows 8.1 to satify the needs of users using mouse and keyboard.

If you read this book from the start to the end you will learn a lot about possible uses and the functionalities of Windows 8.1. But this is not the primary purpose with this book.

The idea is, that is nice to have the book as a practical, offline Encyclopedia, that quickly can answer common user questions about Windows 8.1.

Users may need

  • relevant office programs, like word processing, calculation sheets and so on
  • a calender for your lectures, homework, meetings and more
  • tools of communication, like webmail, Skype, podio, msn and more
  • download1 of materials, like free books at
  • social media, like facebook, twitter, instagram, snapchat and so on
  • news and weather forecasts
  • streaming2 of audio og video, like television programs, YouTube, Spotify and so on
  • and a lot of other stuff

With Windows 8.1 comes a number of programs, that will satisfy some of the above mentioned needs. Furthermore you can download programs/apps from Windows Store (try e.g. the search text “student” and see what happens), and from various websites on the Internet.

Your organisation will probably be able to help you with other needs.

The author can not be held responsible for any content on any websites, downloads, hyperlinks or any other things mentioned in this book, since it can be subject to change or misuse.

Enjoy your reading.


  1. Foreword
  2. The structure of this book
    1. The structure of this book
  3. Operating systems
    1. What is an operating system?
  4. Upgrading to Windows 8.1
    1. Requirements for upgrading to Windows 8.1
    2. Before starting the installation
    3. Do it
  5. Navigation
    1. Navigate with a mouse
  6. Graphic user interfaces in Windows 8.1
    1. The Start screen
    2. Elements of the Start screen
    3. Start screen background
    4. The Apps view
    5. Elements in the Apps view
    6. Show several apps simultaneously
    7. The Desktop
    8. Elements on the Desktop
    9. Icons
    10. Windows
    11. The Taskbar
  7. Charms
    1. The Search Charm
    2. The Share Charm
    3. The Start Charm
    4. The Devices Charm
    5. The Settings Charm
  8. Searching
    1. Search from the start screen
    2. Search with File Explorer
    3. Search with Help
  9. Storage of datafiles
    1. Storage from Apps
    2. Storage from Desktop-programs
    3. Libraries
    4. Hierarchy of folders
    5. Types of files
  10. Computer connections
    1. Networks
    2. CD-rom/DVD-drives
    3. USB-drives
    4. Printers
  11. Important programs
    1. Computer Oriented programs
    2. User oriented programs
  12. The Internet
    1. Introduction
    2. Security on the Internet
    3. Cloud computing
    4. Create a Microsoft-account
    5. Outlook
    6. OneDrive
    7. Skype
  13. Windows Store
    1. Download an app from Store
    2. Automatically update of apps
    3. Compatibility
    4. Recommended apps from Store
  14. News and tricks for Windows 8.1
    1. News
    2. Tricks
  15. Help
  16. Index
  17. Glossary
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