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  1. C# 4: ADO.NET og databaseapplikationer new XElement("title", new XAttribute("year", "2011"), new XAttribute("edition", "6"), "Database Systems"), new XElement("authors", new XElement("author", "Ramez Elmasri"), new XElement("author", "Shamkant
  2. What do Managers do? Authority, probably, expertise, maybe entertainment and a good time. You are the specialist in the subject; they are there to learn. So make them concentrate and give them value 5.
  3. Kemi Tin og bor er her vist som eksempler Det kræver således henholdsvis 708,2 og 800,6 kJ at ionisere 1 mol tin og 1 mol bor atomer.
  4. From Chaos to Consciousness Mass extinctions This graph shows current data concerning the approximate percentage of plants and animals to go extinct with tine over the past 500 million years.
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