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Nothing Happens Until You Sell Something!

Everything we do is to provoke a desired outcome

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You are selling something to somebody, including to yourself, day and night! To get yourself out of bed? Nuclear fusion hardware? Intellectual property? Horse manure? Your boss? You are selling!
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Listen to Steven J. Manning on all about selling, well, everything. And becoming really great and successful at “selling.” He has sold more “stuff” than most, less than few. Many, many billions of dollars of “stuff.”From nascent AI, blockchain and big data a couple decades ago, to spy satellites, to horse manure. Listen for more.How to manage the tsunami raging around you: people and “stuff.” Presentation, overcoming objections, closing, follow-up, and rejection. That is one everybody will relate to. This episode is for those seeking more success in business and life.

I really enjoyed listening to this talk.
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Steven J. Manning