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Does Money Really Make You Happy?

6m 23s
Language:  English
Many people in Jay’s network who are rich don’t seem to be fulfilled. Many people ask why they’re not fulfilled when they have so much money. Here Jay explains and discusses his view on why this is.
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  • Some people who are given wealth are never happy because they don’t and never have lived up to their parent’s success thus makes them feel guilty for sharing so much of their success.

  • There are a lot of studies that the third generation are usually the ones who lose their family’s wealth.

  • We’re all here for a limited time so live your life to tell your story and experience things that other people haven’t.

  • Always be looking to grow, look for opportunities and overcome new challenges because it’s a way of creating your own stories. A lot of people love seeing people struggle then come back successful.

  • If you’re going through a tough time, don’t forget that people who have a lot of wealth, do have other challenges.

  • The short answer is ‘Yes’ a lot of people that are wealthy struggle to be happy because they struggle with fulfilment and growth.

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Jay Dhillon