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D&I: How do you Drive Culture Change?

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This episode is an interview of Rachael Wilson, Managing Director of EW Group, on the subjects of diversity and inclusion, inclusive workplaces and culture change.
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Rachael Wilson is Managing Director of EW Group, a diversity and inclusion consultancy based in London but working worldwide. Rachael started her career in the arts industry as a journalist, event manager or managing director and after about 12 years joined EW Group which was a small business with high ambitions. Within 5 years she managed to grow both the business and her team and it’s fair to say that EW Group is now recognized as one of the top D&I consultancies.

Some key points in this episode:
- Diversity and inclusion,
- Motivation is about values and engagement,
- How to build an inclusive workplace?
- How to drive culture change within big organisations?
- New generations at work: what do they need?
- Leadership is not about going first but listening to others.
- Purpose: making a difference in the world.
- It’s all about trust and autonomy.
- Recognition.

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