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Skillshub specialises in creating digital learning content that is practical, engaging and focused on taking action back in the workplace. Our solutions range from hundreds of off-the-shelf courses and resources through to completely customised solutions. Our team of experienced trainers and online learning experts create a very powerful team. We’re blending the most effective training content in terms of what works in the real world and we’ve designed and repackaged it in a way to make the most out of today’s technology and current work and lifestyle patterns.

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Preparing for Cold Calls
Project Planning
The 7 Levels of Delegation
Micro Talk: Thinking Skills, Part 1
Identifying and Overcoming Team Dysfunctions
Breaking the Glass Ceiling
Mastering Sales Conversations
Preparing for the Sale
HR - Privacy and Protection
Effective Negotiation
Sales Effectiveness
Understanding Your Buyers
The Science of Sales
Recognising and Dealing with Stress
Micro Talk: Thinking Skills, Part 3
Exploring the Power of ChatGPT
HR - Behaviour In The Workplace
Storytelling for Business
Understanding your Customers
Coaching High Performers
Reducing Waste in Processes
Micro Talk: Thinking Skills, Part 2
Listening Skills
Employee Safety and Security Training
Negotiation Skills
Mastering the Sales Interaction
Gaining an Unfair Advantage
Understanding Cash and Capital
Strategies for High-Performance Team Building
Micro Talk: Practical Assertive Techniques
Customer Service Best Practices
Holding Difficult Conversations
Coaching Techniques
Improving your Process
Project Management
Micro Talk: Conflict Resolution
Unpack Stereotypes and Discrimination at Work
Following Up On Appraisals
Feedback Culture
Prospecting and Gaining Referrals
How to Reach an Agreement
Sales Success Blueprint
Decoding Buyer Behavior
Managing Meetings Effectively
How to Handle Difficult Conversations
Appraising Performance
Performance Management
Customer Service
Introduction to Appraisals
Project Management Processes
Navigating Workplace Policies and Practices
Understanding Accountancy
Strong Sales Presentations
Succeeding in Sales
Overcome Objections & Close the Sale
Be Proactive and Crush Procrastination
Empowering Teams for Success
Getting Past Gatekeepers
Prospecting and Following up
Effective Budgeting and Financial Analysis
Effective Sales Meetings
Removing the Competition
Resolving Conflict Situations
Your Project’s Progress
Projects and Teams
Cultivating Sustainable Practices
Communication and Empathy
Managing Negotiation
Preparation & Mindset
Change Management
Leadership vs Management
Emotional Intelligence
Navigating Financial Decisions
Dealing with Objections
Understanding Equality & Diversity in the UK
How to Improve Your Process
Using Emotion in Sales
Managerial Communication Styles
The 5S Method: Transforming Workspaces
Booking Meetings over the Phone
Handling Objections
Understanding Accountancy Documents
Developing your Assertiveness
Understanding Buyers
Understanding Discrimination
Consultative Selling Skills
Micro Talk: Understanding People
Micro Talk: Dealing with “No”
Tandem Leaders: Benefits and Differences
Rapport & Influence: Sales Secrets
After the Sales Call
Changing your Sales Mindset
Perfect Presentations
Effective Meetings
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