Dr. Frank Wolf
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Frank is a former business academic and now writer of textbooks and research reports in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Leading up to current engagements is a career path that started with civil engineering, coding, Information Technology management, Operations Research, a government stint as Presidential Interchange Executive, (a White House Fellowship), service as a United Nations non-governmental representative (NGO) with work relative to small war mediation, and founding of two private technology firms, followed by in-class- and online teaching MBA students in quantitative subjects like Operations, Supply chain Management and best practices. Now he writes nearly every day and helps arbitrate financial disputes under FINRA rules. (Financial Markets Regulatory Authority).

Frank is a net-contributor in whatever he is engaged in and is collegial to work with. Researching creative challenges in Artificial Intelligence, practical ethics, seeking explained decisions in machine learning are of interest, as are Artificial Intelligence projects that contain elements of constructive fun.