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Author Archives: Mackenzie Thompson

Why CPR is the BEST Class You Will Ever Take

There are many ways to advance your career and discover the possibilities in the world. But, all the opportunities around the globe are null if you come upon someone in severe medical distress and are unable to help. While planning for a health care career is a terrific way to give back and help others, becoming a surgeon or providing care in the emergency department is not for everyone. There are countless other ways you can become part of the solution when people are in medical distress, and it all starts with taking a CPR class.

First Aid Certification: 6 First Aid Treatment Myths Busted

We’ve heard them all, and maybe have even tried a few in the past! The common understanding of protocols for several emergency situations is skewed. The reality: too many people are not CPR, AED & First Aid Certified, and they simply have to trust in these unproven and likely ineffective “remedies”. I mean really, would you actually feel comfortable urinating on another person’s jellyfish wound? Who came up with this theory?