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Author Archives: Jacob Linder

Jacob Linder received his Ph.D in physics in 2009, winning several national awards for best Ph.D thesis. He became Professor of Physics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in 2013. He has taught several university courses in quantum mechanics, classical mechanics, and particle physics and written eBooks on these topics which are freely available on Bookboon.

A Quantum Physicist’s Toolbox

Nature – beautiful and incredibly complex. Diving into the microscopic behavior of matter on the atomic level opens a world which is fascinating, yet impossible to describe in an exact manner. Quantum physicsists must therefore equip themselves with a “toolbox” of methods that enable an approximate, yet in many cases very satisfactory, description of nature’s complexity.  (more…)

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics: Particle or Wave – Both!

For most of us, it is natural to think of atoms and electrons as particles. Light, on the other hand, is often described as a wave and is therefore seemingly quite different from an electron. But can something be a wave and a particle at the same time (more…)

Slowing Down Time with Special Relativity

We may be used to thinking of the space and time as two separate things. But the theory of special relativity, proposed by Einstein in 1905, tells us that this is wrong – space and time are in fact intertwined in a remarkable way which leads to a number of physically observable phenomena.

For instance, did you know that time slows down the faster you move?  (more…)

Matter – what is it made of?

Matter is all around us, not just on earth, but out there in the vast space that surrounds us in the form of planets, cosmic particles, stars, and even black holes. But what does matter consist of? If we were able to zoom in on the tiniest building blocks that comprise matter, what would we see, and how do these building blocks interact with each other to create the universe that we observe?  (more…)