Basic Selling Skills
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Being a good salesperson doesn’t take a day. If you have ever met someone who just seems to be a ‘natural’ at sales, then they either have these skills as an inherent part of their personality, or they have studied and acquired these skills over time. The important thing for you to know is that all these skills can be learned and developed. Let us have a look at the general skills that anyone who wants to be a better salesperson should have.

Listening skills

An effective salesperson must be able to listen to what a customer is saying to them – as well as what is not being said. The salesperson must be willing to take the time to understand what the customer truly needs and identify the problem the customer is trying to solve.

Effective communication skills

In addition to listening, you must be able to respond well. You must be able to offer solutions to the customer’s problems, if the customer is ever going to buy from you or your company.

Problem solving skills

Good salespeople are always working to solve problems – they understand that problem solving is what their real job is.

Interpersonal skills

Beyond communication skills, salespeople should know how to work well with their customers and with each other in order to be most effective. They should be courteous, respectful, and skilled at building relationships.

Organization skills

Good salespeople are well-organized. This does not necessarily mean their desk is well organized, but it does mean that they have a system for maintaining information about prospects, customers, products, and any other information their customer might need.

Self-Motivation skills

If you are going to be good at sales, you have to be able to motivate yourself. There will be those times that you do not want to take the next step in the sales process, but you will need to know how to work through those feelings and take the steps that your customers need – and that will help you be successful in your job.

Persuasion skills

Customers almost always have a choice in the company they work with or choose to buy from. Persuasion is the art of helping the customer to choose your offer over others.

Customer service skills

Once you know how to make a sale, do you know how to keep that customer coming back? Do you view them as a one-time sale or as someone who could be a continual source of sales over the life of a relationship with them?


In any relationship, including a salesperson-customer relationship, integrity is vital. Without it, you will lose the customer’s trust, their business, and possibly the business of others that the customer will tell about your company – and you.

Nowadays, to be successful in sales, you must try to identify where your own weaknesses might be. Only by doing this will you have an idea of what you need to work on in order to improve your own sales skills.

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