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4 good reasons to study at Chalmers University

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4 good reasons to study at Chalmers University

Are you looking to get a science degree? Maybe you even thought about getting it in a foreign country? We may have found the perfect place for you. Discover Chalmers University of Technology in the welcoming city of Gothenburg on the West Coast of Sweden, where two beautiful campuses inspire new students every year to earn a quality degree. We’ve listed a few of the facts that make Chalmers a great place to study…


1. Chalmers offers Bachelors and Masters of Science, as well as PhDs

If you are science enthusiast into engineering, nautical science or architecture, you will be delighted by the range of degrees offered by Chalmers. The university offers Bachelors, Masters and you could also enter a third cycle and earn a PhD. While some courses are only offered in Swedish, many of them are also offered in English, so have no fear.


2. Great professors and contacts with industries

Chalmers has highly qualified professors and teachers with long academic and commercial backgrounds, allowing you to have easy access to academic staff and research. The education and research are deeply rooted in the needs of the industry. Many large high-technological companies are situated in the Gothenburg region, such as Volvo, Ericsson, SKF and Astra Zeneca, offering Master’s thesis and seeking expertise from specific countries.

Chalmers is ranked number 37 in the world on QS Electrical Engineering list and placed within the 51– 100 brackets on QS Mechanical Engineering and Physics & Astronomy list. They are placed within the 52-75 bracket on Shanghai Jiao Tong’s Academic Ranking of World Universities Engineering/Technology and Computer Sciences list, topping the list among all Swedish universities.

Did you know? They have about 11000 students and 2500 employees. Approximately 40 % of Sweden’s graduate engineers and architects are educated at Chalmers!


3. Chalmer’s Students’ Union: a great place for students to meet up

Chalmers Students’ Union is a strong, independent organisation with around 10,000 members.  Ever since the Students’ Union was founded in 1904 it has represented its members and worked in their best interests. At Chalmers there is close co-operation between the Students’ Union and the university. As early as 1968, Chalmers was the first Students’ Union in Sweden to be represented on the board of the University, and it still has two members on the board.

The areas of focus include the quality of the education, the job market and the social life of the students. The Students’ Union strives to provide for our members the chance to draw the greatest possible benefit from their time as students.

The buzzing Students’ Union life at Chalmers has something for every taste: there are clubs and societies for choir singers, extreme sports, data freaks, balloonists – pretty much everything imaginable.


4. Chalmers students let their ideas run wild

At Chalmers students are encouraged to follow their ideas and take them to fruition. Students have access to all the facilities they need to accomplish their desired goals be it social, personal or academic. On the academic side there are many student run projects which are popular at the university. Some of these projects revolve around annual competitions repeat every year while others are not so regular in their occurrence.


Does this sound like the perfect place to earn a degree? Then have a look at the Chalmers website and discover what could soon be in store for you!