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Save your One Person Business from Extinction

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This is a quick and easy eBook about the joys of a one person business (i.e. a decision making team of one and a sometimes forgiving boss) and the woes.
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HOW TO SAVE YOUR ONE PERSON BUSINESS FROM EXTINCTION is a quick and easy eBook about the joys of a one person business (i.e. a decision making team of one and a sometimes forgiving boss) and the woes (i.e. cash flow, cash flow again, time management since you are chief cook and bottle washer, not to mention floor and window wiper, among a host of other jobs). The book also covers how to deal with rejection, social networking in person and online, and how one must constantly be on one’s toes to “change your business up” to where it is profitable and sustaining. It requires continual tweaking and one must have the energy for that. The eBook is both a cheering section to spur you on and a guide and navigator round the shoals you will and need to encounter to achieve success.

  • Introduction
  1. The joys and woes of having your own business
  2. Your business is your life: Managing your time
  3. Know your competition and segment your own market
  4. How to get repeat business and referrals
  5. Expect and learn how to handle rejection
  6. How to social network in person
  7. Social networking on the net
  8. The difficult hurdles of maintaining cash flow

About the Author

Gay Walley

Gay Walley has been a writer/editor of books for the past 15 years, and before that, a copywriter with major advertising firms.  

Her published novels include STRINGS ATTACHED with U Press of Mississippi (1999),-

Finalist for the Pirates Alley/Faulkner Award and Writer’s Voice Capricorn Award and Paris Book Festival.  

THE EROTIC FIRE OF THE UNATTAINABLE, published by IML Publications (2007) reissued by Skyhorse Publishing 2015, Finalist for Paris Book Festival Award. The book was made into a film, THE UNATTAINABLE STORY, written by Gay with Harry Hamlin and premiered at Mostra in Sao Paolo in Brazil. 

LOST IN MONTREAL, another novel, published by Incanto Press, came out in 2014. 

Her play LOVE, GENIUS AND A WALK opened in the Midtown Festival in New York 2013, was nominated for 6 awards including best playwright, played in 3 pub theatres and Etc Theatre in London in 2018, and will reopen in 2020 at Theatro Technis. 

Gay teaches writing classes and in one-on-one sessions and many of her authors find agents and are published. Gay also edits novels and memoirs and has ghostwritten books ( that have won awards. 

For Gay, writing is an exploration in exuberance, inner psyche, truth and a transformative experience, no matter what type of book a writer chooses to write. She loves working with people and helping them experience this disciplined, creative journey. If one writes well, the results are always meaningful.