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Expert Talk: Entrepreneurship is a Skill Muscle

Interview with Jennifer Trask

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In this Expert Talk, Roxana interviews Jennifer Trask, an entrepreneur and mindset coach who has been helping entrepreneurs build mindsets that help them to take massive action that gets big results.
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Jennifer Trask is an entrepreneur and mindset coach who, since 2012, has been helping driven entrepreneurs build powerhouse mindsets that enable them to take massive action that gets big results. With clients on 5 continents, Jennifer is passionate about helping entrepreneurs who are creating positive change for our people and planet. She has been featured in the Huffington Post, the award-winning book, 'Living College Life In The Front Row' by celebrated coach Jon Vroman, and the ‘Upwork Digital Nomad’ series.

About the Author

Roxana Radulescu

Roxana Radulescu is the Founder of All Personal, a bespoke training, coaching and consulting company, the first Canadian Partner Organization to The Game-Changing Index®!

Roxana helps corporate, small businesses and non-profit organizations build game-changing teams and cultures!

She is a TEDx speaker, master coach, facilitator, online course designer and certified GCologist®. She teaches Workplace Communication at York University and College Boreal in Toronto.