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Eye-opening Onboarding Tips: Best Practices to Welcome Your New Hires


After you followed the 3 essential steps for successful recruitment and your ideal candidate has accepted the job offer, can you now pat yourself on the back because your work is done? Not exactly. A new hire’s experience during their first week of employment acts as a first impression, so onboarding has become one of the most important steps of the entire recruitment process. You’ve invested a lot of time and money thus far, so you don’t want to slack off at the onboarding stage and return to square one of recruiting the position again, do you? (more…)

The Solution to Poor Productivity is Here, Now!


We all know that soft skills such as empathy, teamwork and interpersonal communication help deliver tangible results for business success. However, it is also arguable that productivity is, in itself, an important soft skill. But how do you as a business get the best out of your employees? How do you encourage your employees to improve their day-to-day performance? It may be difficult to quantify something so seemingly difficult to define, but you can do it with the carrot and without resorting to the stick. Bookboon has a solution and here, we show you how!  (more…)

Christmas Traditions Around the World – Part 3


It’s Christmas time! That means it’s time to put up decorations and light some candles. While the roots and cause of the celebration – honouring the birth of Jesus Christ – are the same, Christmas traditions vary considerably from country to country. The most common are Anglo-American customs including Santa Claus (or Father Christmas), candy canes, Christmas cards, mistletoe and holly. Read on to find out how Christmas is celebrated in France and Denmark!  (more…)

International Business – The Basics


International business is a phenomenon which affects almost every aspect of your life, including the food you eat, the clothes you wear, and the people you meet. Regardless of where you live or to what part of the world your career takes you, knowledge of international business is a vital key to success. (more…)

6 Ways to Stop Your Employees from Being Too Engaged


Talking about employee engagement: Isn’t it annoying when your direct reports keep coming up with ideas of how to improve things and just can’t stop finding details that don’t work well in your processes? If you are a good manager, this is the moment where you say: “No, it isn’t.”  (more…)

Christmas Traditions Around the World – Part 2


Christmas and the time leading up to it is a period full of all kinds of festivities. Although it was originally a religious holiday, many secular customs all over the world have shaped the way that Christmas is celebrated today. The roots may be the same, yet every country has developed their own special traditions. Read on for a glimpse of how other countries celebrate that most beloved time of the year!  (more…)

The Soft Skill Mentoring: How to Help Junior Employees


It seems that the office has become a stressful place for everyone. Now, more than ever, a business needs all of its employees to pull together to ensure the success of the company. The dog-eat-dog world of yesteryear is now counterproductive to growing your business. In its place is the soft skill mentoring. Senior and more experienced employees need to step out of the bubble of their own tasks and help others around them. (more…)

European Bartender School launches its largest awareness campaign to date


“We Make the World Taste Better“ is the title of the European Bartender School’s latest multichannel campaign that seeks to increase the awareness of high-quality cocktail making, targeting prospective students across universities and major cities in the UK.  (more…)

3 Essential Steps for Successful Recruitment You Can’t Afford to Skip


When employee turnover climbs to an excessive rate, many companies ask themselves, “Where did we go wrong?” A good idea is to look at the starting point to see the importance of being engaged in all steps of recruitment from forming a strategy to making an offer, in order to select the right people for the job. The cost and time put into replacing an employee far outweighs doing it right the first time. (more…)

Christmas Traditions Around the World – Part 1


Christmas: for many of us, it is the most important holiday of the year and we like to spend it with family. While for all of us living in the Northern Hemisphere, the days grow shorter and colder, there is more reason than ever to light candles, enjoy home-made Christmas cookies, pastries and hot drinks, put up decorations, and sing Christmas carols. And look forward to exchanging presents and feasting on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day! However, traditions vary widely from country to country. Find out how Christmas is celebrated in Sweden, Spain and the UK!  (more…)