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Working with Uncertainty

Certain action in uncertain times

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This book provides a catalyst to a process that can make a positive difference and take you forward.
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An antidote to tough times…Downturn, economic, political or market wobble: no matter what the substance of a change, or what it might be officially called, there are times when things are nothing if not uncertain. Working with uncertainty recognises all this and the need it necessitates for fundamental review. It describes an approach to prompting swift, but considered, action likely needed in many areas: marketing, management, finance, organisation – to:

1. Cut costs2. Maintain markets and profitability3. Reorganise finances and personnel4. Change the way things are done in every area of operations.

This book provides a catalyst to a process that can make a positive difference and take you forward.

About the author

Patrick Forsyth is a consultant, trainer and writer. He has worked with organisations large and small and in many different parts of the world. He is the author of many successful books on management, business and careers and prides himself on having a clear how-to style.One reviewer (“Professional Marketing”) commented: Patrick has a lucid and elegant style of writing which allows him to present information in a way that is organised, focused and easy to apply.In this series he is also the author of several titles including “Your boss: sorted!” and “How to get a pay rise”. His writing extends beyond business. He has had published humorous books (e.g. Empty when half full) and light-hearted travel writing: First class at last!, about a journey through South East Asia, and Smile because it happened about Thailand. His novel, Long Overdue, was published recently.

  1. The author
  2. Introduction: time to keep your nerve
  3. Identifying areas for review
  4. Towards an action plan
  5. Afterword
Lo encuentro fascinante!!
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