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Web 2.0 and Social Media

Business in a Connected World

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Web 2.0 applications and social media have provided new venues for businesses to inform, understand and connect with their customers.
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Web 2.0 applications and social media have provided new venues for businesses to inform, understand and connect with their customers. This book provides a general understanding of using blogs, podcasts, live streaming, wikis, social buzz, social media, and more to enable businesses to rethink their approach and leverage new digital media’s advantages. Theoretical concepts such as RSS feeds and practical examples such as constructing a WordPress blog are covered in detail. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, Klout, and others are examined from a business perspective.

  1. Introduction to Social Media
    1. Social Media Origins in Web 2.0
    2. The Internet and World Wide Web
    3. Web 2.0 in Context
    4. Conclusions
  2. Blogging for Business
    1. Voice and Personality
    2. Blog Environments
    3. Building a Blog with WordPress
    4. Conclusions
  3. RSS and Podcasting
    1. RSS Defined
    2. RSS in Practice
    3. Podcasting
    4. Conclusions
  4. Videocasting, Screencasting and Live Streaming
    1. Videocasting
    2. Screencasting
    3. Live Streaming
    4. WhatsApp
    5. Conclusions
  5. Wikis and Collaborative Documents
    1. Wikis
    2. Wiki Software
    3. Building a Wiki
    4. Other Collaborative Documents
    5. Conclusions
  6. Twitter
    1. Twitter Overview
    2. Twitter History
    3. Using Twitter
    4. Twitter Searches
    5. Conclusions
  7. Facebook and LinkedIn
    1. Facebook for Business
    2. LinkedIn for Business
    3. Conclusions
  8. Social Buzz and Viral Phenomenon
    1. Pinterest
    2. Social Buzz with StumbleUpon and Reddit
    3. Tumblr
    4. Tracking Social Interest
    5. Conclusions
  9. Location-Based Social Media
    1. Geography in Social Media
    2. Foursquare and Swarm
    3. Yelp
    4. Waze
    5. Conclusions
  10. Social Media Raw
    1. Instagram
    2. Snapchat
    3. Yik Yak
    4. Whisper
    5. Vine
    6. Periscope and Meerkat
    7. Trello
    8. Crowdfunding
Enjoyed this book. My Professor uses it in our class.
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About the Authors

Roger McHaney

Dr. David Sachs

Roger McHaney is a University Distinguished Teaching Scholar and professor of management information systems in Kansas State University's College of Business Administration. He currently serves as the Daniel D. Burke Chair for Exceptional Faculty. McHaney teaches courses in enterprise systems and computing. His research areas include simulation, education technology, virtual worlds, and organizational computing. McHaney holds a doctorate in computer information systems and quantitative analysis from the University of Arkansas. He is currently working on several projects that investigate how technology and Web 2.0 impact higher education.

Dr. David Sachs has been an Assistant and Associate Dean and Professor of Information Technology in Pace University's Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems from 1984 - present. As Associate Dean (1984 - 2012) he has developed and managed numerous corporate computer programs for clients such as IBM, Verizon, AT&T and others throughout the United States. Dr. Sachs has received many grants and written 8 books. His current academic interests focus on online learning, social media and telehealth initiatives. He is currently actively involved in a large three-year grant from the Weinberg Foundation that provides remote patient monitoring and many social services to hundreds of individuals in Westchester County and Scranton, Pennsylvania.