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How to Make Your Virtual Team Feel Valued

11m 35s
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Recognition is a powerful way Leaders can motivate virtual teams who may feel more isolated and undervalued. Learn the essential ingredients to recognising virtual team members in an effective way.
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We all have a core need to feel valued at work: for who we are and what we do. This need often becomes even more pressing when we’re working virtually and we feel less visible – like our efforts and our core strengths aren’t being noticed. In this talk, learn what you can do as a leader to recognise your virtual team members in an effective way. Discover the essential ingredients you need to have in your message, explore the different virtual channels you can use to recognise and learn tips on how to build a culture of recognition across your team.

About the author

Clare Fitzsimmons is an organisational change and leadership development expert with a wealth of experience working with global companies to strengthen leadership capability and build high performing teams.She is passionate about facilitating behavioural change that enables individuals, teams and organisations to reach their true potential.Topics Clare works extensively on include: Thriving in Change, Coaching & Feedback, Virtual Teaming and Building Diverse & Inclusive Cultures.

About the Author

Clare Fitzsimmons