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Transforming People Management

Lessons Learnt and Predictions of Future Success

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In the past 30 years, all major business functions apart from HR have been transformed by the introduction of new processes and systems.
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In the past 30 years, all major business functions apart from HR have been transformed by the introduction of new processes and systems. Each of these approaches can be judged a success by having fulfilled all 5 criteria of a successful transformation. Not to be outdone, HR has explored many different initiatives including Business Partnering, Human Capital Metrics, Engagement, Talent and HR Outsourcing amongst others. Yet despite the time and money invested, HR has yet to experience a similar transformation or change in how it’s perceived.

  1. Purpose
    1. Executive Summary
    2. Two Other Points to Consider
  2. The 5 Criteria for Process Transformation
    1. Transformation as a Cliché
    2. Strategic versus Process Transformation
    3. The 5 Criteria of Process Transformation
  3. Examples of Successful Transformation
    1. Containerisation
    2. Six Sigma
    3. The Internet
    4. CRM
    5. Knowledge Management
    6. Conclusions and Caveats
  4. There’s No Consensus around HR’s Core Purpose
    1. A History of Legal Compliance and Administration
    2. A History of Learning and Development
    3. Does HR have a Raison D’être?
  5. Why Previous Attempts at HR Transformation Haven’t Worked
    1. HR Business Partnering
    2. HR Outsourcing
    3. Competency Models
    4. Psychometrics
    5. Employee Engagement
    6. Talent Management
  6. Predictions about Likely Future Enablers of Successful HR Transformation
    1. The 5 Criteria for Transformation as a Predictive Framework
    2. Social Media
    3. Big Data
    4. Personality and Psychometrics
    5. Holacracy
The book has got information that enables an individual/manager to acquire an insight on how to make employees better than they are.
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About the Author

Bruce Lewin

Bruce Lewin is co-founder of Four Groups Ltd, a UK based HR Software and Consulting firm. Four Groups’ focus is on transforming and changing the perception of HR and people management through predictive processes and analytics along with showing a clear ROI and a measurable financial impact. This is achieved through a number of unique and innovative applications for team development, recruitment, organisational design, performance management, change and training, development, coaching etc. Four Groups works with companies looking to change the value contributed by and the perception of their HR function.