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The Performance Management Journey

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Performance management is not an isolated event. It’s an ongoing activity throughout employment. This book runs through employment events, looking at how they link to the management of your employees.
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Performance management is the responsibility of all managers at all levels and is not an isolated event. It is an ongoing activity linked to other employment events – recruitment, training and disciplinary action.

This book is aimed at anyone who is responsible for carrying out performance reviews, showing you how other employment activities are linked to ensure effective performance management. The book looks to encourage you to consider how you gather and provide information to be able to give positive feedback that will improve the work of the individual and the team.

  • About the Author
  1. Introduction
    1. Overview of The Performance Management Journey
    2. Performance management – what is it? And why is it important?
    3. A need to be managed
    4. Are all those systems and processes necessary?
    5. Data protection 
  2. The Performance Management Journey 
    1. The flowchart 
  3. Recruitment 
    1. Why recruitment is the start of performance management 
    2. Key recruitment tools & documents 
    3. The recruitment process 
  4. Induction 
    1. What is induction? 
    2. Why is induction important? 
    3. Presenting the rules of your business 
  5. During Employment: Measures 
    1. Measures of performance 
    2. How to assess against the measure 
    3. Record keeping 
    4. Useful documents 
  6. During Employment: Regular Reviews 
    1. The importance of an effective and regular review process
    2. The agenda 
    3. Conducting the meeting 
    4. Confidentiality 
    5. Who should carry out performance reviews? 
    6. Performance management journey 
  7. During Employment: Training & Development 
    1. Training & performance management 
    2. Planning training & development 
    3. Training & development activities 
    4. Coaching & mentoring 
    5. Assessment 
  8. Disciplinary Action 
  9. Ending Employment 
    1. Losing employees 
    2. Exit interview 
    3. Opportunity to change 
  10. Summary 
  • Appendix 
  • Bibliography 
  • Acknowledgements
About the Author

Karen Kirby