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Project Management, An Adaptive Approach

The Customizable and Adaptable Method for Managing Projects™

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This eBook is the second in a series. It consists of a section that describes the foundational concepts that would be required for any project management methodological approach.
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This eBook is the second in a series. It consists of a section that describes the foundational concepts that would be required for any project management methodological approach.  It includes the rationale for a methodological approach and the fundamental concepts. The second section introduces The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™, as an example of a project management methodology. In this section, we describe the three dimensions of CAMMP™. In general, the e-book is addressing the necessity for organizations to establish a proper methodological approach for the management of their projects. The organization can use this approach as a standard model and the starting point for tailoring and the development of specific methods that are fit-for-purpose. Keep in mind, that this book is part of a series, and for a better understanding of the whole concept, we would advise obtaining the entire series.

About the author

Mr. Mounir A. Ajam is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach, advisor, consultant, volunteer leader, and project management thought leader.

He is the author of various e-books and books on project management; the latest is Project Management beyond Waterfall and Agile.

Mounir is a senior executive with more than three decades of outstanding global and practical experience in the capital project industry and the project management domain. He has worked on projects worth billions of United States dollars in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and West Asia. His experience includes working small and multiple projects and large and complex projects, including mega projects.

Mr. Ajam is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of SUKAD Group, a leading project management provider and innovator. SUKAD Group is based in the USA but operates mostly in the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon since 2004.

  • About the Author
  • About SUKAD
  • The SUKAD Way™
  • Table of Figures
  • Icons and Their Use
  • Introduction
  • The Series’ E-books
  • Section 1: The Foundation for The Adaptive Approach
  1. Volume 2 Introduction
    1. General View
    2. This Volume
  2. Rationale and Model Perspectives
    1. Introduction
    2. A Story That Led to This Work
    3. The Challenges for Professionals
    4. The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™
    5. Full Project Life Cycle Perspective
    6. Multiple Stakeholders
    7. Idea Developer (Project Owner) Perspective
    8. Methodology versus Framework Perspective
  3. Fundamental Concepts
    1. Project Management Is a Disciplined Approach
    2. Project Life Cycle and Stage Gates
    3. Which Is Better, To Have a Few or Many Stage Gates?
    4. Importance of the Stage Gate Process
    5. Is Not the Stage-Gate Process …
    6. Closing Comment
  4. The CAMMP™ Manifesto?
    1. Principles of Building a Method(ology) 10
    2. Critical Success Factors
  • Section 2: CAMMP™, A Three-Dimensional Model
  1. Introducing the Model
    1. Introduction
    2. Methodology Main Characteristics
    3. What Is Not New
    4. What Is New
  2. The Model Brief Explanation
    1. Overview
    2. Phases
    3. Stages
    4. Stage Deliverables
    5. Stage Gates
    6. Summary of Phases and Stages
    7. The Full Standard Model
    8. Closing Comments
  3. CAMMP™ is a three-dimensional model
    1. Introduction
    2. The First Dimension
    3. The Second Dimension
    4. The Third Dimension
  4. Closing Comments
  • Appendices
  • Appendix A: List of Acronyms
  • Appendix B: Bibliography
  • End Matters
  • PM Quest Online Learning
  • Al-Insan Foundation
  • End Notes

About the Author

Mounir A. Ajam

Mounir A. Ajam is a co-founder and CEO of SUKAD Corp. SUKAD Corp is an organization focusing on providing organizational clients with integrated project management services and solutions. Currently, SUKAD is leading the development of a pioneering and innovative cloud-based online solution, the Uruk PPM Platform. For more information about SUKAD, please visit

Mounir is also project management thought leader. He is the leader behind the SUKAD Way for Managing Projects, which include an organization project management solution, project management and product development methodology, and a project success model. These innovative products are the starting point for the Uruk PPM Platform.

Mounir has published numerous e-books, all on project management, with CRC Press (Taylor & Francis) has also published Project Management beyond Waterfall and Agile (related to CAMMP, the SUKAD Way methodology). Further, CRC Press is also publishing Leading Megaprojects, A Tailored Approach.