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Production and Planning Systems

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The focus of the book are the core tasks of production planning and control (PPS), supplemented by content of material flow logistics, the Digital Factory, Lean Management and Industry 4.0
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The book is aimed specifically at students of natural and engineering sciences in the fields of mechanical and industrial engineering, but also at students of business administration and logistics. It offers a guideline for the systematic development of the individual steps within production planning and production control. Its main focus are the core tasks of production planning and control (PPS). Furthermore, it covers the basics of material flow logistics, the Digital Factory and Lean Management, as well as the PPS in in Industry 4.0.

About the Author

Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Dieter Hartrampf, born in 1958, has been teaching the Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technical University of Wildau (State of Brandenburg) since 2010. He teaches full and part-time in the fields of production preparation, production preparation, factory planning and production planning and control, especially in the degree programs for industrial engineering and mechanical engineering.His work is predominantly characterised by lectures, seminars and laboratory work.

  • Forward
  • Introduction
  • About the Author
  1. Basic Terminology for Planning Production Processes
    1. Fundamentals of Material Flow Logistics
    2. From MRP to ERP and SCM
    3. CRM, SRM, PLM, WFMS, APS and MES: definitions
  2. Lean Management and the Digital Factory
    1. Lean Philosophy
    2. Lean Management
    3. The Digital Factory
    4. From CIM to Digital Factory
    5. Lean Production and the Digital Factory
  3. Production Planning and Control (PPC)
    1. The dilemma of production planning and control
    2. Master Data Management (MDM)
    3. The Aachen PPC Model
    4. Production Planning
    5. Production control
  4. Industry 4.0
    1. Concepts of Industry 4.0
    2. The role of PPCs in Industry 4.0
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Dieter Hartrampf