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Organisational Myths – Volume 2

Tackling establishment dogma

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Developing vital themes discussed in Volume 1, Volume 2 of Organisational Myths tackles dogma such as the reasons for high c-suite pay, excessive planning and budgeting and even the need for growth.
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Developing vital themes discussed in Volume 1, Volume 2 of Organisational Myths tackles dogma such as the reasons for high c-suite pay, rigorous planning and budgeting and even the need for growth. Drawing on multiple sources, it highlights often ignored issues like the lack of c-suite agility revealed by a constant quest for certainty. It suggests some radical solutions, including a total revision of the way in which the workforce is trained and its skills assessed. But this volume goes further, asking if organisations can change effectively without rebalancing the current economic model.

About the author

Since graduating from Oxford, Adrian Faiers has gained broad experience at the top of commercial, statutory and voluntary organisations. He also writes on a wide range of subjects. Before his current work consulting, teaching and writing, he recently commissioned mental health services within the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and has a particular interest in work and mental health.

  1. Thank you to
  2. I Main course: meat or nut loaf, rice or pasta plus two vegetables – four slowly cooked myths
  3. Meat or nut loaf: Myth No. 14
    1. Myth No. 14: To attract the best you must pay the best (Peanuts and monkeys)
  4. Rice or pasta: Myth No. 15
    1. Myth No. 15: The success of an organisation is directly proportional to the qualifications and training of its workforce
  5. Two vegetables: Myths Nos. 16 and 17
    1. Myth No. 16: Accurate budgeting is essential for good business
    2. Myth No. 17: Time spent on planning is time well spent
  6. II Dessert: A selection of half a dozen not so sweet mini myths
  7. Myths Nos. 18 to 23
    1. Myth No. 18: Comprehensive reporting is essential for effective management
    2. Myth No. 19: Using every minute of the day is essential for effective time management and efficiency
    3. Myth No. 20: Zero hours contracts are exploitative and should be banned
    4. Myth No. 21: External consultants are essential to improve management
    5. Myth No. 22: An organisation’s priority is to create wealth, which will trickle down
    6. Myth No. 23: Organisations must grow or die
    7. III Coffee and petit fours: Common ingredients and closing myth
  8. Conclusions and Myth No. 24
  9. Myth No. 24: Organisations need certainty

About the Author

Adrian Faiers

Since graduating in biochemistry from Oxford University, the author has gained broad ranging experience at senior level in the commercial, statutory and voluntary sectors.

His writing credits range from writing a weekly column for the Oxford Mail to:

- a series of children’s stories for BBC national radio;

- a five star rated online chemistry text (;

- articles for professional journals.

After spending more than half his career in international marketing and PR within the music industry, he is currently a writer and commentator. From 2015 to 2017 he served as an NHS governor following a period as a senior NHS mental health commissioner. Workplace mental health remains a key interest.

His PR activities were recognised in 2006 with his appointment to membership of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.