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Mastering LinkedIn

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Assisting you in your quest to land your dream job.
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Did you know that:-87% of recruiters use LinkedIn but only 55% use Facebook-94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates-85% of critical jobs are filled via networking-77% of all job openings were posted on LinkedIn and 48% were ONLY posted thereThis means that if you are looking for work, then you need to leverage the power of LinkedIn. But, like any computer application, using it well is part art, part science. This eBook will:
-Teach you how to set up and optimise your LinkedIn profile – your online CV.-Show you 10 ways or places that you can find new contacts. This will help you strategically build up a network of contacts at the companies that you are interested in working for.-Show you 5 places on LinkedIn where you can find jobs.-Show you how to set up email alerts for jobs, so that you hear about them as early as possible.-Show you how you can increase your visibility on LinkedIn-Provide you with a simple checklist to sure make that you have everything covered.This book doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get your ideal job, that’s up to you, but it will help you in your quest to find it!

LinkedIn is a social media giant, having over 225 million users worldwide (as at June 2013). It is used by professionals to:

- Post their Curriculum Vitae (CV), also known as a résumé, on line.

- Develop a network of connections.

- Demonstrate their expertise through status updates and group discussions.

- Research companies and educational establishments.

- Keep up to date with the latest developments in their field, through group discussions and thought leaders.

- Find, and in some cases, apply for jobs.

Like all computer applications, using LinkedIn is part art and part science. The science bit is being able to navigate around the application and complete fields of information. The art lies in understanding how it works and leveraging that to your advantage. This is how this eBook will help. It will take you on a journey, helping you set up a basic account, teaching you how to optimise your LinkedIn profile, showing you how you can build up a network of contacts and ultimately assisting you to find jobs through LinkedIn.

  1. About the Author
  2. Introduction
  3. Setting up your LinkedIn account
  4. Take a tour of your LinkedIn account
    1. Home
    2. My Network
    3. Jobs
    4. Messaging
    5. Notifications
    6. Me (Your Profile)
    7. Work
    8.  Learning
    9. The LinkedIn App
    10. Free v premium accounts
    11. Activity
  5. Your Profile
    1. Editing and updating your profile
  6. Optimising your LinkedIn profile
    1. Getting found in search results
    2. How to get an all-star profile
  7. Developing your LinkedIn Profile
    1. Switching off profile updates
    2. A word about spelling and grammar
    3. Adding and uploading supporting documents
    4. Your information card
    5. Personalising your URL and public profile
    6. Your “About” section
    7. Your Background section
    8. The Skills and endorsements section
    9. Recommendations
    10. Your Accomplishments section
    11. LinkedIn profiles in multiple languages
    12. Don’t forget
  8. Building Connections
    1. What are connections?
    2. The types of connection on LinkedIn
    3. Where you can find connections
    4. Sending out “Invitations to connect”
    5. Allow people to connect with you
    6. Accepting “Invitations to connect”
    7. Removing connections
  9. Groups
    1. Types of group
    2. Choosing which groups to join
    3. Starting conversations
  10. Interests
    1. Influencers
    2. Companies and schools
  11. Job seeking on LinkedIn
    1.  Job seeking 101
    2. Make sure you’re visible to recruiters
    3. Where to find jobs on LinkedIn
  12. Increasing your visibility on LinkedIn
    1.  Your settings
    2. Your activity
  13. Keeping on top of your LinkedIn account
    1. LinkedIn mobile apps
    2. Emails
    3. Task Lists
  14. Your final LinkedIn checklists
    1. Your LinkedIn profile
    2.  Your Connection strategy
    3. Job hunting with LinkedIn
    4. Your digital footprint:
  15. Finally
Great depth and insight and right-to-the-point. Thank you Karen.
Excellent book with incredible detail.
This is a very nice book, I advise everyone to use it.
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Karen Brown