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Managing the use of technology

Keep control of your life by making technology work for you

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This book reviews the good, the bad and the ugly of technology, identifies how and where it consumes excessive amounts of time, and suggests how we can manage the use of technology.
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This book is not about how to use your latest iPad or smart watch; nor will it tell you which devices you should buy or use in various situations. Rather, it warns you that technology steals time as well as saves time, and suggests how you can use it to your advantage without allowing it to vacuum time from other meaningful activities.

  1. The good, the bad, and the ugly of technology
    1. The good of technology
    2. The bad of technology
    3. The ugly of technology
    4. Using technology
  2. Why are we always running out of time?
    1. The Internet, social media, and TV
    2. Email
    3. Video and computer games
  3. How our time is being depleted by technology
    1. Where is the time coming from?
    2. Real time relationships
    3. Sleep
    4. Exercise
    5. Multitasking
  4. How to manage technology
    1. Make good choices
    2. Protect your relationships
    3. Manage your email
    4. Don’t stay glued to your chair
  5. Multitasking is not recommended but it’s not a lost cause
    1. Multitask with caution
    2. All multitasking is not the same
  6. A time management strategy that is increasing in importance
    1. Schedule your priorities
    2. Use a planner for your scheduling
    3. Choosing a planner
    4. Make a commitment, not a “To Do” list
    5. Balance high-tech with high-touch
  7. To control the use of technology you must first control your brain
    1. Increase your focus in spite of interruptions
    2. You can ignore distractions and break bad habits
    3. Strengthen your executive skills
    4. Motivation is all in your mind
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  9. About the author
nos parece que es un libro muy intersante y que esta acorde con los tiempo. Hoy debemos administrar y gerenciar la tecnologia con un enfoque proactivo.
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Harold Taylor