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Linear Algebra I

Matrices and Row operations

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This consists of the elementary aspects of linear algebra which depend mainly on row operations involving elementary manipulations of matrices.
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This consists of the elementary aspects of linear algebra which depend mainly on row operations involving elementary manipulations of matrices. The field of scalars is typically the field of complex numbers.

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  • Preface
  1. Preliminaries
    1. Sets And Set Notation
    2. Functions
    3. The Number Line And Algebra Of The Real Numbers
    4. Ordered fields
    5. The Complex Numbers
    6. The Fundamental Theorem Of Algebra
    7. Exercises
    8. Completeness of R
    9. Well Ordering And Archimedean Property
    10. Division
    11. Systems Of Equations
    12. Exercises
    13. Fn
    14. Algebra in Fn
    15. Exercises
    16. The Inner Product In Fn
    17. What Is Linear Algebra?
    18. Exercises
  2. Linear Transformations
    1. Matrices
    2. Exercises
    3. Linear Transformations
    4. Some Geometrically Dened Linear Transformations
    5. The Null Space Of A Linear Transformation
    6. Subspaces And Spans
    7. An Application To Matrices
    8. Matrices And Calculus
    9. Exercises
  3. Determinants
    1. Basic Techniques And Properties
    2. Exercises
    3. The Mathematical Theory Of Determinants
    4. The Cayley Hamilton Theorem
    5. Block Multiplication Of Matrices
    6. Exercises
  4. Row Operations
    1. Elementary Matrices
    2. The Rank Of A Matrix
    3. The Row Reduced Echelon Form
    4. Rank And Existence Of Solutions To Linear Systems
    5. Fredholm Alternative
    6. Exercises
  5. Some Factorizations
    1. LU Factorization
    2. Finding An LU Factorization
    3. Solving Linear Systems Using An LU Factorization
    4. The PLU Factorization
    5. Justification For The Multiplier Method
    6. Existence For The PLU Factorization
    7. The QR Factorization
    8. Exercises
  6. Spectral Theory
    1. Eigenvalues And Eigenvectors Of A Matrix
    2. Some Applications Of Eigenvalues And Eigenvectors
    3. Exercises
    4. Schur’s Theorem
    5. Trace And Determinant
    6. Quadratic Forms
    7. Second Derivative Test
    8. The Estimation Of Eigenvalues
    9. Advanced Theorems
    10. Exercises
    11. Cauchy’s Interlacing Theorem for Eigenvalues

About the Author

Kenneth Kuttler

Kenneth Kuttler received his Ph.D. in mathematics from The University of Texas at Austin in 1981. From there, he went to Michigan Tech. University where he was employed for most of the next 17 years. He joined the faculty of Brigham Young University in 1998 and has been there since this time. Kuttler's research interests are mainly in the mathematical theory for nonlinear initial boundary value problems, especially those which come from physical models that include damage, contact, and friction. Recently he has become interested in stochastic integration and the related problems involving nonlinear stochastic evolution equations.