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Keep Moving: How to Think Strategically

14m 59s
Language:  English
Strategic thinking is critical to success and wellbeing, but it’s challenging to achieve when we’re working in a highly reactive world. Learn practical tips to zoom out and think big more frequently.
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Do you find it hard to see the wood for the trees? Do you wish you could think strategically more of the time but find it challenging given the pressure and reactive nature of work?

Strategic thinking is a skill that is critical to our success and overall wellbeing, especially in times of high pressure and change. This talk will clarify what strategic thinking is and give you practical tips to build your skills in this area, whether you are running a company or are just starting out your career.

About the Author

Clare Fitzsimmons is an organisational change and leadership development expert with a wealth of experience working with global companies to strengthen leadership capability and build high performing teams.She is passionate about facilitating behavioural change that enables individuals, teams and organisations to reach their true potential.Topics Clare works extensively on include: Thriving in Change, Coaching & Feedback, Virtual Teaming and Building Diverse & Inclusive Cultures.

About the Author

Clare Fitzsimmons