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HR2025: The Future of Employee Engagement

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This book exposes the paradox of a standardised approach to building an engagement workforce.
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Why another book on engagement? In the opening book in this HR 2025 series, Perry Timms, challenges HR to think differently about what they stand for, as well as what they think they should contribute to organizations now and in the future.

Consistent with this theme, this book exposes the paradox of a standardised approach to building an engagement workforce. Drawing together ideas from existing work, supported with case vignettes, the author aims to build a case for thinking differently about how to do this.

The book starts by retracing the roots of employee engagement and in doing so questions some of the assumptions about the different types (locus) of engagement. It then moves to provide case vignettes, of how organizations in different contexts approach employee engagement. These examples indicate how engagement can be achieved in different contexts by paying more attention to person-role-fit, rather than through a preoccupation with group-wide engagement initiatives. The book concludes with rethinking the relationship between job design and employee engagement, arguing that more innovative approaches to job design, such as job sculpting and job crafting, ultimately achieve the same desired outcomes as more standardised employee engagement initiatives. Moreover these more innovative approaches to job design reflect the trend for more flexible and agile organizational forms.

  1. Introduction
  2. Re-tracing the roots of employee engagement
  3. Vignettes on employee engagement: organizational, teams and work
  4. Job design and employee engagement – handing back control
  5. The future of job design and employee engagement
  6. References
About the Author

Christina Evans

Christina works in the Business School, at the University of Roehampton London, where she teaches and researches in human resource management. Christina has two key areas of research interests. She has strong interest in individual career development and the strategies that individuals adopt to build and maintain a successful ‘subjective career’. This work on job crafting and employee engagement fits firmly with this particular research interest. Christina’s other research interest is in organizational approaches aimed at building a diverse workforce. She has researched and published several reports and papers on the opportunities and barriers that women working in the Information Technology sector face.

Prior to developing a career in academia, Christina spent some time working as a Research Associate at Roffey Park Institute. She began her career working in the Information Technology department at Marks and Spencer.

Christina has published several books, research reports aimed at the HR practitioner community, as well as academic publications. Further details about her publications can be found here: