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HR2025: Human Resource Management in the Future

Book 1 – Work, People and HR in 2025

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In 2025 work as we know it will change EVEN MORE than it has in the previous 12 years. Those responsible for people powered performance in working life are Human Resource (HR) professionals.
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In 2025 work as we know it will change EVEN MORE than it has in the previous 12 years. Those responsible for people powered performance in working life are Human Resource (HR) professionals. In order to create a better future for work and our working lives, HR needs to modernise and radicalise. The revolution will not be televised but it will be digitised. Workplace technology, science and behaviours are changing and this book and accompanying series will attempt to set out what those changes might be and what HR needs to take account of to create that better future in work.

  1. HR2025 – the rise of the HR Futurologist
  2. HR 2025 – what is work 2025 like?
  3. HR Professionals 2025
  4. Hiring 2025 style
  5. Rewards 2025 – the only way is Ethics
  6. Performance Management? Come on in your time is up…
  7. Learning; learning; learning. You couldn’t avoid it if you wanted to
  8. Exits are on their way out
Really good for future HR!
I really like this book and hope everyone who deals with HR will hold it as guidance.
Very informative and keeps an HR person up to speed.
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About the Author

Perry Timms

Perry is known for his energy, passion and insight around the world of people and work. He is a Chartered Member of the CIPD; and Visiting Fellow at Sheffield Hallam Business School. Skilled as a facilitator, coach and mentor Perry is qualified in change and a range of psychometric tools and has been leading on business improvement and change for over 20 years. Perry is Vice Chair of the Northamptonshire CIPD Branch, and also lectures on HRM at Birmingham City, Westminster and Dublin City Universities.

Having held corporate roles as Head of Learning, Talent & OD in public and not-for-profit sectors, Perry has set up his own enterprise - PTHR (People & Transformational HR) delivering Perry’s aim - to change the world of work; one conversation at a time.

Perry is a social HR Practitioner as he tweets, blogs and is active on LinkedIn and was voted 7th in People Management magazine’s Top 20 HR power-tweeters for 2012 and one of top the top 10 HR Bloggers in the 2013 update.

Perry is currently the Advisor to the CIPD on Social Media & Engagement and is a Guide for the CIPD’s “Hackathon” – an online, open-source innovation platform encouraging practitioners to “hack” HR; to create new practices, processes and protocols and build an adaptability advantage for HR to influence the world of work in complex, volatile and unpredictable circumstances.

A regular blogger and writer, Perry has been published by People Management, Training Journal, Robertson Cooper, ChangeBoard, Halogen, HR Zone, the ILM and Duke University's Dialogue journal plus a series of online books on the future of HR is due for publication in 2014.

Perry is a regular speaker across the UK and internationally (with dates in Paris, Istanbul and Bucharest confirmed for 2014) and has featured as a speaker, chair and blogger at the last 10 consecutive CIPD Annual and L&D national conferences. Perry hosted the Training Journal Awards 2013 and can be seen speaking on YouTube and via recorded Webinars.

Perry’s values are Respect; Autonomy; Growth, Hope and Happiness. A tenacious reader; an enthused networker and a voracious learner, Perry describes himself as a lifeaholic.