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How to Evaluate Performance

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This eBook describes how to collect, evaluate and record comprehensive high-quality performance data during the appraisal cycle.
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This eBook will provide you with a firm understanding of the principles behind performance management. You will learn how to incorporate the four drivers of employee engagement essential for a successful performance management system.

It outlines how the OSCAR principles help you maximize commitment and encourage your team to achieve goals and develop their competencies. It also recommends methods for collecting the performance data you need for productive, stress-free and motivational appraisal meetings.

The success of the appraisal process depends on the quality of the performance data you collect throughout the appraisal period. This eBook describes how to collect, evaluate and record this information.

You will learn:

  • How to gain an objective picture of the extent to which each team member has met their performance goals
  • How to avoid the tem most common causes of bias and ensure that your ratings are totally objective
  • How to measure competencies and behaviors using the KSA method
  • How to integrate significant incidents and input from third-parties into the performance data you collect
  • The advantages and limitations of different types of rating scales
  1. Collecting Performance Data
  2. Understanding Rating Bias
  3. Rating Performance
  4. Importance of Regular Reviews
  5. Writing an Annual Performance Summary
  6. Summary
  7. References
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