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Happy Habits

Build 12 Positive Habits to Become Happier & more Resilient

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It seems like the last few years all I've done is grieve, but in that time, I've developed a set of specific habits that helped me get through. These are my 12 Happy Habits. I hope they help you too.
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  1. About the Author
  2. About the Happy Habits
  3. Introduction
  4. Building each habit
    1. Setting goals
    2. Planning for success
    3. Habit tracker
    4. Reflections on your month
  5. Habit 1: Decluttering
    1. What is clutter?
    2. How to declutter
    3. Releasing your unwanted clutter
    4. Adopting this habit
    5. Going forward
  6. Habit 2: Gratitude
    1. How do I start?
  7. Habit 3: Meditation
    1. So, what is meditation?
    2. Creating a space to meditate
    3. How do you meditate?
    4. Getting started
  8. Habit 4: Forgiveness
    1. What is forgiveness?
    2. What forgiveness isn’t?
    3. How can you forgive someone?
    4. Forgiving yourself
    5. An alternative method of forgiving someone
  9. Habit 5: Kindness
    1. What is kindness?
    2. The benefits of being kind to others
    3. Being kind to others
    4. 10 Ways that I could be kind to someone else
    5. Being kind to yourself
    6. How could you be kind to yourself?
  10. Habit 6: Self Care
    1. Your Physical Health
    2. Your mental health
    3. Your emotional health
    4. Your spiritual health
    5. Choosing your self-care activities
    6. My rulebook of me
  11. Habit 7: Journaling
    1. Some journal prompts from the internet…
    2. My own journal prompts
  12. Habit 8: Visualisation
    1. What is visualisation?
    2. Using vision boards
  13. Habits 9: Optimism
    1. What is optimism?
    2. Optimism v Positivity
    3. Optimists v Pessimists
    4. Positive Affirmations v Optimistic Affirmations
    5. How can you practice optimism this month?
    6. 5 Ways I will practice optimism each day
  14. Habit 10: Learning
    1. Why develop the learning habit?
    2. How will the learning habit make me happy?
    3. Getting started
    4. Adopting this habit
  15. Habit 11: Creativity
    1. Why be creative?
    2. How does being creative make you happy?
    3. What does “being creative” mean to you?
    4. Building the creativity habit
  16. Habit 12: Fun
    1. Why having fun is important for your happiness?
    2. How do you define fun?
  17. Finally

It seems like the last few years all I’ve done is grieve, but in that time, I’ve found a few specific habits that in my experience, & research seems to agree, make you happier & more resilient. These are my 12 Happy Habits.

From learning to let go of stuff to rediscovering what fun is, & everything in between, this book will walk you through 12 habits that will:

  • Reduce your stress and anxiety
  • Help you feel more positive about life
  • Help you become kinder, more forgiving & more creative
  • Make you’re a priority in your own life

Try each habit for 30 days & see what the impact is on your life.

About the Author

Karen Brown

Karen Brown is a Life Coach and Bio Energy Therapist who has extensive experience as an IT Trainer and passed a number of courses accredited by the National Resume Writers Association.

She has published books on LinkedIn and Twitter and written extensively about LinkedIn on both her blog and on LinkedIn itself.

She currently publishes journals and planners to support her clients in their pursuit of a happy and purposeful life. She also works with clients on a 1:1 and group basis, helping them to build the habits that lead to a happy and successful life.