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Finding Yourself

Understanding Yourself and Relating to Others

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When we see people being authentically themselves we call it things like “individuality” and “charisma” - yet how can we be our true selves when we have so many demanding roles to fulfil in life?
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When we see people being authentically themselves we call it things like “individuality” and “charisma” - yet how can we be our true selves when we have so many demanding roles to fulfil in life? This book explores how you can find your authentic self, understand who you really are and as a result relate to others much more effectively. It explores how you can be more yourself in the workplace, particularly in management and leadership roles.

  1. Introduction
  2. Part 1 – Understanding yourself
  3. Understanding human beings
    1. The evolutionary biologists’ view
    2. The psychologists’ view
    3. The management theorists’ view
    4. Conclusion
  4. What motivates us
    1. Motivation at different life stages
    2. Motivation for individuals
    3. Conclusion
  5. Who we think we are
    1. Our roles
    2. Role conflict
    3. Our identity
    4. Feeling lost
    5. Personality and ego
    6. Internal identity
    7. Conclusion
  6. Who we really are
    1. The authentic self
    2. Self-awareness
    3. Self-understanding
    4. Self-acceptance
    5. Conclusion
  7. Part 2 – Relating to others
  8. How we see each other
    1. Prejudice
    2. Projection
    3. Persona
    4. Conclusion
  9. Relating to others at work
    1. Roles at work
    2. Management and leadership
    3. Promotion
    4. Developing a coaching management style
    5. Conclusion
  10. Developing your inter-personal skills
    1. Listening
    2. Non-verbal communication
    3. Pauses and silences
    4. Summarising and checking
    5. Questions
    6. Statements
    7. Conclusion
  11. Conclusion
Riveting....Absolutely inspiring!!
Thank you Andy for sharing this book it was very useful for me and the funny thing is that I believe in the same concepts of find ones' true essence and it was like I identified with the contents so much.
Great book concerning self-awareness
I highly recommend this book to people who want to discover their strengths and weaknesses. Self-assessment is important in establishing a career and I find this material of great help.
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About the Author

Andy Turnbull

Andy is an executive coach and personal development coach based in the UK but with clients worldwide. Andy works with senior managers and leaders to develop their coaching management style and their authentic approach to leadership.

Andy has spent many years in senior management and leadership roles within both national and international organisations and he understands the challenges, tensions and benefits of senior executive roles.

Originally an accountant by profession, he particularly enjoys working with professionals who have a technical background and need to make the transition to being a manager and leader.

Developing the essential soft skills doesn't come naturally to everyone - but it is often these soft skills that set people apart from their peers and open doors to senior levels in an organisation. From communication skills to strategic thinking, from coaching skills to problem solving and from navigating office politics to innovation, soft skills cover a lot of territory.

Andy is a Fellow Chartered Public Finance Accountant, a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management and a Fellow of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs. He is also a Licensed Unitive Coach which is a coaching approach that seeks to reconnect people with their true selves and allow them to live authentic lives and become authentic leaders.