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Expert Talk: Recovering and Adapting

Interview with Claire Higgins

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Join us for this chat with Claire Higgins on happiness, self-defence, and different definitions of success.
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Claire Higgins joined me for a discussion on coaching and consulting, and looking at her work on positive psychology as well as martial arts. At time of recording, she was studying for a Masters in Exercise and Sport Psychology. She was raised in the UAE and worked across the Middle East in the humanitarian sector for 12 years, focusing on the protection of people affected by armed conflict.

Influenced by Jean Claude Van Damme, watching his videos as a 12-year old in the 80’s, she took up karate and twenty five years later, started teaching self-defence.

Claire’s definition of success is about being able to build a life that brings her closer to her family and being healthy; she believes that the rat race of going up and up and up a career ladder will eventually lead to burnout if it lacks meaning, and things might suddenly change; we discuss her view on the classic career and how subjective the view on success really is.

About the Author

Volker Ballueder

Volker Ballueder was born in Germany before he moved to the United Kingdom in 2001. He now lives close to the South Downs, within easy reach of Brighton and London. He obtained both a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) and an MBA degree at Aberdeen University; and in his subsequent Digital Marketing career, gained respect as a strategic and commercial leader.

Volker’s MBA thesis was based on Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Since then, he has used methods such as NLP and Strengths Coaching to develop teams and individuals. Emotional Intelligence also contributes to his consulting work; his experience includes leading large teams, positioning companies, and cultivating work-based strategies.

Volker believes his positive attitude and growth mind-set enable him to be more productive. His first book on productivity (#BeBetter) is a summary of success and productivity habits and principles available to anyone, based on his own experiences. He now includes mindfulness teaching as part of his productivity toolkit, supporting executives, individuals and teams to grow.

In 2018, he embarked on a new project interviewing industry leaders about their achievements. Over 18 months, Volker created a 40-episode podcast called ‘Stories of Success’. The summary of those conversations, and the principles he discovered, are now available in this book.