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Engineering Goals

The Engineer’s Way to Finally Make You Reach Your Goal

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This easy but firm step by step guide will make you reach your goal whether personal, career or business. The book includes the decisive tool “MyGoal” that secures your progress from start to finish.
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A new and different type of “reach your goal” book. Finally, you have a precise, practical guide that takes you from start to finish - step by step. When you follow the given simple steps, your progress is secured by the decisive tool “MyGoal”. Whether your goal is personal, career or business, this is the tool you have been missing. Each step is clearly described, and you will be encouraged by actual, relevant examples. The biggest obstacle is always the very first step, so get the book and start your successful journey now. You will never have a better opportunity to reach Your goal.

About the author

Stein Erik Egeberg is a Norwegian graduate engineer and business economist. He has been running coaching and HR businesses thus supported companies and individuals for 30+ years. Expertise includes sales, management, recruitment, personality profiling. Experience from worldwide workshops and seminars, adding to his pragmatic, analytical ability, encourage development of innovative training concepts, effective tools and helpful books. Among his works are The Norwegian School of Sales, and the life guide book “The Art of Life - Make the Changes You Desire”.

  • Short presentation
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  1. Step 1: The Why
  2. Step 2: Defining my goal
  3. Step 3: Describing and visualizing my positive outcome
  4. Step 4: My visible motivation
  5. Step 5: Obstacles I can predict
  6. Step 6: Meeting the obstacles
  7. Step 7: Resources I will need - Knowledge and Skills
  8. Step 8: Resources I will need - People, environments, and public services
  9. Step 9: Resources I will need – Equipment, Tools, Materials and Gears
  10. Step 10: Resources I will need - Funds and Finance
  11. Step 11: My trusted helper
  12. Step 12: My Goal Book
  13. Step 13: I do not have to eat the whole elephant at once
  14. Step 14: My Reward
  15. Step 15: “MyGoal”, my decisive contract
  16. Step 16: The road to the goal - Actions, evaluation, reinforcement and new activities
  • Afterword

About the Author

Stein Erik Egeberg

Stein Erik Egeberg (1956) is a graduate engineer and business economist. He has been running businesses within HR since late 1980s. 

Stein has extensive experience from varied assignments for a large number of companies and organizations in the field of coaching and consulting. Key areas include sales, customer care, management, recruitment, communication, personality profiling, decision psychology, coaching and personal development. 

Typical for Stein's coaching and trainings is his strong focus on the interaction with the participants. Among the attributes that the clients appreciate are Stein’s breadth of knowledge, the ability to motivate and create results and the strong capacity to simplify and convey complicated subjects. Stein’s analytical engineering background is also a strong advantage in the development of innovative concepts and effective, operational tools. 

Typical services that Stein delivers are customized workshops, seminars and trainings within communication, sales, teamwork, personality profiles, customer relations, service, management and goal achievement. The consulting services cover business development, hiring and selection, as well as facilitating and implementing strategic customer surveys. Coaching applies to both life coaching and career coaching; one-on-one and in groups. 

Stein has developed and operated the Norwegian School of Sales, based on a franchise concept he established in 1989. In 1990-91 Stein developed a personality profile analysis that offers greater, common understanding of the phenomenon of "chemistry" between people at all levels. During the 1990s the analysis was mostly distributed through the Norwegian School of Sales network. From 2000 the profile analysis was developed for online use, available in English and Norwegian. The profiling tool is highly valuable in recruitment, teambuilding, communication training, sales coaching and various leadership workshops. 

As a writer, Stein has produced courses, tutorials, books and teaching materials for more than 30 years. Most has been contract-based designs for clients, like tailor-made materials for use in corporate training programs within communication, sales and customer service. His books include the inspirational and life guide “course” with the title “The Art of Life - Make the Changes You Desire” (available in English, German and Norwegian). 

Stein delivers his services and share his insight from comprehensive global experiences, from work and travel in Australia, Taiwan, Russia, UAE, Mexico and USA. However, as a Norwegian, his main market through all the active years has been Norway.  

Examples of clients in various industries can be found on Stein’s LinkedIn page.