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Audiobook: Creating Team Excellence

59m 13s
Language:  English
Practical guidelines on current best practices to focus attention on what will best enhance the performance of your team.
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Any organisation is nothing without its people; and it needs good people with the expertise to make the organisation as effective as it must be if it is to thrive and prosper in the competitive marketplace. Left to their own devices people may do well and achieve much. Well managed they will always achieve more.

Management takes time, commitment and skill. It is easy to underestimate. It can seem daunting. Success is, to a large extent, in the detail. How do you get it all right? Only by being aware of what must be done and knowing something of how to do it well. The effort necessitated is worthwhile. Spend time getting the most from your team, and they may surprise you with what they can achieve.

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Patrick Forsyth