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C# 1

Introduction to programming and the C# language

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The book is a practical basic introduction to programming and C# that introduces basic principles of object-oriented programming.
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The book is a practical basic introduction to programming and C# that introduces basic principles of object-oriented programming and also deals with the C# programming language through a collection of simple examples. The goal is to provide the basic knowledge needed to develop complete applications and to move on to more specialized topics in programming. In addition to the basic concepts the book also deals with collection classes, and files with emphasis on object serializing. The book concludes with two slightly larger examples, which deal with the books many concepts in a larger context.

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  1. Introduction
    1. Hello World
  2. Basic program architecture
    1. Print a book
  3. Variables
    1. The sum of two numbers
    2. Operators
  4. Console programs
    1. Perimeter and area of a circle
    2. Product calculation
    3. Date and time
    4. Arguments on the command line
  5. Program control
    1. if
    2. Sort two numbers
    3. if-else
    4. A quadratic equation
    5. while
    6. The sum of the positive number less than 100
    7. for
    8. Sum of positive integers
    9. do
    10. switch
    11. Weekday
    12. The cross-sum
    13. The biggest and the smallest number
  6. Strings
    1. The class string
    2. Palindrome
  7. Arrays
    1. Two arrays of the type int
    2. Array of strings
    3. Yatzy
    4. Craps
  8. Part 2 Object Oriented Programming
  9. Classes
    1. Coins
  10. Design of classes
    1. Dice
  11. Methods
    1. Methods names
    2. Function overriding
    3. Methods return values
    4. Properties
    5. A point
    6. Parameters
    7. Methods parameters
  12. Inheritance
    1. Points
    2. Persons
  13. The class Object
  14. Abstract classes
    1. Abstract points
    2. Loan
  15. Interfaces
    1. Points again
    2. Money
  16. Static members
    1. StringBuilder
  17. More about arrays
    1. Multi-dimensional arrays
  18. Types
  19. Enum
  20. Struct
  21. Generic types
    1. Generic methods
    2. Sorting an array
    3. Parameterized types
    4. The class Set
  22. Exception handling
  24. Extension methods
  25. Part 3 Collection classes
  26. List
    1. A List of strings
    2. Enter sale of products
  27. Stack and Queue
    1. Stack of integers
    2. StackSort
  28. LinkedList
    1. LinkedList of names
  29. Dictionary and SortedDictionary
    1. Table of job titles
    2. User defined key
    3. A sorted dictionary
    4. Comparable keys
    5. Cue list
  30. Part 4 IO
  31. Text files
    1. Write and read text
    2. Write a comma separated file
    3. Read a comma separated file
  32. Binary files
    1. Print 100 numbers in a fil
    2. Read a binary file
    3. Seek
  33. Info about directories and files
    1. FileInfo
    2. DirectroryInfo
  34. Object serialization
    1. Datatypes
    2. Binary serialization
    3. Binary deserialization
    4. XML serialization
    5. SOAP serialization
    6. Serialization of a collection
  35. User defined serialization
  36. Part 5 Final examples
  37. Lottery
  38. Expression
Compulsory for learning computer concepts.
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About the Author

Poul Klausen

Poul Klausen er uddannet cand. scient. i matematik fra Aarhus Universitet med speciale i algebraisk topologi. Efter universitetet og et efterfølgende pædagogikum har Poul Klausen primært arbejdet som underviser og det især inden for it uddannelser og gennem de sidste mange år som underviser på datamatiker uddannelsen. Her har han især undervist i programmering og har i den sammenhæng både beskæftiget sig med og undervist i en række forskellige programmeringssprog og herunder også C#. Ud over programmering har Poul Klausen beskæftiget sig med andre emner inden for systemudvikling, hvor specielt kan nævnes design, modellering og databaser. Han har desuden undervist i mere tekniske fag som operativsystemer og computer netværk.

Ud over undervisning har Poul Klausen arbejdet i det private som softwareudvikler dels i perioder som fuldtids systemudvikler og dels parallelt med jobbet som underviser. Opgaverne har været mange og specielt kan nævnes udvikling af administrative løsninger og en række web relaterede produkter. I de sidste år har Poul Klausen i forbindelse med praktisk systemudvikling primært beskæftiget sig med business intelligence, og i relation hertil har han primært interesseret sig for data mining.