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Daryl Woodhouse
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With 20 years of experience in organizational growth & business strategy leadership, I have been integral to delivering innovative culture transformation while focusing on talent development, performance ROI, and workforce wellbeing alongside L&D design, build & delivery. As a transformative leader, I have focused on business growth models & strategies, allowing for organizational restructuring where both employers and employees are happier. I am well versed in public speaking, project & change management, as well as digital transformation efforts, performance improvement coaching, & stakeholder management.

Key Achievements Include:

✅ Revived national corporate division performance from £10M net loss to £520M net profit in less than 2 years utilizing a people-focused strategy and creation of the environment for team success through world-class culture change, L&D training, digital transformation, and customer service excellence

✅ Started, managed, and executed the lean start up business growth plan from beginning to end, self-generating £3.5M+ sales revenue while focusing on building and overseeing the expert head office and client delivery team

✅ Proven track record in business development strategies, consistently growing revenues to reach multi-million milestones through effective digital marketing and networking, resulting in 20+ awards, 120+ LinkedIn testimonials, 20K followers and 2K+ endorsements

✅ Thought leader in the industry and public speaker well-known for expertise in business growth, leadership, hybrid work productivity and employee wellbeing, including speaker appearances at 200+ stages and workshops in-person and virtually across 60+ countries, co-authoring a highly rated business education book 'Creating Business Advantage' and self-published eBook ‘4 Epic Life Work Effect Pillars of Smarter Hybrid Working’

✅ One of the world’s youngest Executive Business School lecturers, using experience, research and inverted learning techniques to develop the world's current and future leaders (since 2018)

✅ Assumed the top 12 position out of 90 area teams by improving new customer acquisition and service standards alongside extensive networking to deliver influential net profit growth

✅ Fastest and youngest on record to graduate from HSBC’s world-renowned Management Training Program and subsequently became their youngest Manager in a display of my fast-learning skill, ambition and dedication to results

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