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We Are Losing Employees, Why?

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Why are organizations losing employees? Beyond myths and common fears on “big quit” right after Covid pandemics, we will analyze more in detail internal and external factors behind employee attrition.
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This book intends to give some background information on employee attrition, from structural reasons to recent phenomenon such as pandemics and great resignation. Understanding these mechanisms more in depth with an objective point of view is a first and essential step in a journey to design an action plan to improve employee retention within organizations.

About the Author

Nicolas Caillet is an HR professional with 15 years of experience. Graduated from Toulouse Business School from a Master’s degree with a HR specialization, he is based and is working in Brussels, Belgium since 2008. He has been extensively working as Talent Acquisition Specialist for various consulting companies and non-profit organizations, to select and recruit engineering, business and EU/public affairs candidates. Nicolas has also been people manager from small operational teams, and has been appointed by clients on HR project functions.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. Breaking the Myth
    1. People are leaving your organization, so what?
    2. Keep things rational, think long term, and do not panic
  2. Why are People Leaving Organizations
    1. Uncertainty in the world, digitalization, war for talent
    2. New ways of working and people refocus
  3. Why are People Leaving Your Organization
    1. Identifying the reasons behind employee attrition
    2. Value and focus on your core strengths
  4. How to Measure Attrition in Your Organization
    1. Attrition rate as main indicator of measurement
    2. Mitigating attrition with attraction rate
    3. Consolidating with retention rate
    4. What is a good and a bad rate
  5. How to Read and Pilot These Numbers
    1. Reading rationally the figures and mitigating with market standards and data
    2. Automating calculations and integrating numbers into a broad HR management dashboard
  6. Start Your Journey to Improve Your Employee Retention
    1. Scan your organization to target quick wins
    2. Structure your long-term approach and efforts
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  • References
About the Author

Nicolas Caillet