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Training vs. Learning and Development

From Obsolescence to Evolution and Implementation

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For all those who are interested in learning how modern L & D methods, processes, tools & systems are deployed to increase competitiveness, reduce costs & increase profits across the organization.
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The topics covered, herein, specifically address the changes that have taken place in the “training” industry and the three evolutionary, and to some maybe revolutionary, changes that have occurred in our industry over the last 25 or so years. This historical perspective is important to understanding how we got to where we are today and why some organizations are stuck in the mud; unable or unwilling to modernize their view of and approach to training. We will also explore and demystify the amazingly cool methods and technologies that are available to us now and what the future has in store.

About the Author

Dr. Herring is a Member of the International Academy of Science for his work on corporate education and its effect on structural economic recovery and national economic stability. He has acted as lead corporate representative, and spokesman in over 20 countries for global Fortune ranked organizations and has authored hundreds of training programs and white papers covering a vast array of business topics. In addition, he has developed innovative training, induction, on-boarding, inclusion, & diversity programs for the employees of companies in North America, Asia, South America, and Europe.

  • About the Author
  • Target Audience
  • Introduction / Overview
  1. From Historical Training Systems and Methods to Contemporary Learning and Development Concepts and Capabilities
    1. Phase 1 - Stone Knives and Bear Skins
    2. Phase 2 – IT to the Rescue; Using Technology to Improve Performance
    3. Phase 3 – It’s not IT! It’s Advanced Technology and Research Who are the Real Heroes
  2. Knowledge Sharing – A Partnership with Everyone
    1. Human Resources; L&D’s Frist and Best Partner
    2. Partnerships Don’t Stop With HR
    3. The Culture of Learning
  3. Adding Method to the Madness
    1. Defining, systematizing, implementing and supporting the company’s living heartbeat
    2. How do we do this capture thing to create our matrix?
    3. Definition and implementation of quality
  4. Stewardship of Strings
  5. Is Managing Knowledge “Knowledge Management”?
  6. The Low Hanging Fruit - Measuring Increases In Performance
  • Glossary
  • Bibliography
About the Author

Gary Philip Herring PhD