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The Collaborative Mindset

Shifting Towards Solutions

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This book provides an overview of the importance of Collaboration, including tools for developing a cooperative Mindset and how to work together as a unit.
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In a self-serving corporate environment where it is often all about the survival and the advancement of self-interest, it has become vitally important to shift into a new win-win paradigm. We can do this by learning the skill of collaboration and working together as a unit.

This book provides an overview of the importance of Collaboration, including tools for developing a cooperative Mindset.

Non-managerial employees will benefit from reading this book, as the skills it offers will help readers to deal with demanding managers and to influence the management styles of others.

About the author

Demyan Rossouw is an experienced behaviour specialist, public speaker and author. Driven by his ongoing interest in human behaviour and personal development, he shares his knowledge in a manner that is science-based, yet easy to understand.

As a Cognitive Behaviour Coach and Leadership Consultant, his expertise lies in developing Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development.

He is the author of "Bridge the Gen-Y Gap - Survival Tips for working with Millennials" and has been recognized by Human Resources for his commitment to the development of managers and non-managers.

  • About the author
  • Preface
  1. Collaboration
    1. What is collaboration?
    2. The importance of collaboration
    3. The benefits of collaboration
  2. Mindset
    1. Defining the ‘right’ mindset
    2. Why having a good mindset is a prerequisite for collaboration
  3. How to develop a collaborative mindset
    1. Exploring Rational Emotive Behaviour principles to develop a healthy mindset
    2. Exercises to help maintain a collaborative mindset
    3. Scenarios and Examples
  4. How to collaborate effectively
    1. Attributes of a good collaborator
    2. Developing the behaviour of a good collaborator
    3. Exercises and Examples
    4. Tips to help maintain collaborative behaviour
  5. Conclusion
  • References

About the Author

Demyan Rossouw