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The Anatomy of Your Creativity

Chris Grady
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Whether you have an idea for a startup, your business needs stretch, you are “worried well” between stretch and panic, or you have a rocky project and have had enough, open this book.
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Put your “best foot forward”, “go with your gut instinct” ,“put your shoulder into it”, “expand your thinking”, or “get to the heart of the issues” - common phrases rooted in our bodies. This book aims to awaken parts of your psycho-physical system to give you a head start, and a good feeling in your heart about your life and work. Whether you have an idea for a startup; Your business is static, safe, steady but needs stretch; You are “worried well” between “stretch” and “panic”; Or you have a leaky, rocky, pear-shaped project and have just had enough - open The Anatomy of Your Creativity.

  1. Introduction
  2. Toe in the water & finding your balance
  3. The Law of Two Feet & best foot forward
  4. Dodgy Knees – reading the signals
  5. Thighs – “Powerful beyond measure”
  6. The Pelvis: Birthing your Business
  7. Abdomen – Gut Reactions
  8. And Breathe
  9. Solar Plexus – focus and direction
  10. Heartfelt connection
  11. Hands – creative play
  12. Shoulders or “should-ers”
  13. Throat – Finding your voice & listening carefully
  14. Vision – Seeing is believing
  15. Allowing the Brain to play
  16. Crown – authority, trust uplifted
  17. Inspiration – remembering your child