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The 20 Secrets of Success

Inspiring Insights to Help You Achieve Your Aims in Life

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For a shortcut to success, prominent people share their sometimes surprising secrets for achieving your aims and hitting the heights.
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If you need a life hack to help you hit the heights, here it is. The 20 Secrets of Success reveals the intriguing and inspiring insights of prominent people as they share the wisdom of how they made it in the world. And all that in just a few hours of reading.But with just one word of warning: Some of these secrets you might find surprising!

About the Author

Simon Hall is a Course Leader at the University of Cambridge, runs his own business communication agency, Creative Warehouse, and is a journalist, author, and business coach. He teaches communication, media, business, writing, presentation, storytelling, and public relations skills at Cambridge, along with universities across England, for government departments, and companies.Simon has a series of books on communication published, including - public speaking and presentations - writing blogs - how to secure media coverage - and leadership communication - along with eight thriller novels.

  • Introduction
  1. Hard work
  2. Wellbeing
  3. Exercise
  4. Follow Your Feelings
  5. Challenging Yourself
  6. Persistence
  7. Self Belief
  8. Listening
  9. Reading
  10. Thinking
  11. Teamwork
  12. Values
  13. Giving Back
  14. Lateral thinking
  15. Knowing Yourself And Being Yourself
  16. Communication
  17. A Can-do and Will-do Attitude
  18. Humour
  19. Don’t Sleep in Silk Pyjamas – or Rest on Your Laurels
  20. Kindness
  • Conclusion
About the Author

Simon Hall