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Tandem Leaders: Benefits and Differences

Mastering the art of working together

12m 20s
Language:  English
This expert talk explores tandem leadership, teaching the mindset, partnership building, communication, and power dynamics required for effective leadership in organisations.
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This talk delves into the concept of tandem leadership, providing a deep understanding of its benefits and the key differences between tandem leadership and traditional leadership. You’ll learn the characteristics of effective tandem leaders, developing the necessary mindset for success in tandem partnerships, including cultivating self-awareness and a growth mindset. Additionally, strategies for building trust and communication in tandem partnerships and identifying potential tandem partners will be discussed. The talk also addresses power imbalances in tandem partnerships and the importance of setting clear expectations and boundaries for effective decision-making. Lastly, it covers the implementation of tandem leadership in organisations, including overcoming resistance to tandem leadership, incorporating it into organisational culture, and measuring success. You’ll emerge with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in tandem leadership roles and drive success in your organisation.

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