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Social Skills for the Future Workplace

Sujitha Jothi
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With cutting-edge research, case studies that bring the advanced concepts to life, and practice drills, this is a training manual for 13 social skills needed for thriving in the hybrid workplace.
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What is the “Power Skill” of 2021 and how to develop it? A radical approach that would take your ability to collaborate to the next level, ways to handle office politics and communicate cross culturally, business etiquette for the hybrid workplace, you will discover these and many more in the eBook Social Skills for The Hybrid Workplace. This is a training manual that covers 13 social skills for thriving in the hybrid workplace. This book is packed with concepts, action points, case studies and tips that would help you in developing your resilience ability to manage time and much more.

About the Author

Sujitha is a communication consultant and freelance journalist. Her articles have appeared in leading national magazines of India

  1. Social Skills, What and Why
    1. You will Stand Out If You Have This Skill
    2. Social Skill, what is it?
    3. Social Skills among in-demand soft skills of 2021
    4. Why Social skills?
    5. Here is A Taste of What You Will Get
  2. Accepting feedback
    1. What’s in this chapter?
    2. Power skill
    3. How Learning Occurs?
    4. The Psychology of Success
    5. The Trait for Work Success
    6. Two Tools
    7. Action point
  3. Meeting Deadline
    1. A sneak peek
    2. A survey
    3. A modest proposal
    4. How to orient towards the result?
    5. A Research-backed method to stay long on a task
  4. Intercultural communications
    1. Biology of intercultural communication
    2. A tool to master intercultural communication
    3. An important approach
    4. Be flexible
    5. Intercultural empathy
    6. Tips to interact
    7. Intercultural business etiquette
  5. Win with attitude
    1. What’s in this chapter?
    2. A Social Skill employers’ value
    3. To be, or not to be?
    4. Action steps to develop independence
    5. Number 1 Skill to thrive in 2021
    6. How to develop resilience?
    7. Exercises to test your adaptability
    8. An EQ trait that has a hypnotic effect
  6. Collaboration skills
    1. Number 1 skill for effective collaboration
    2. A key skill for sound collaboration
    3. The power called self-expression
    4. An ability that does wonders
    5. The Zen of connection
  7. Business ethics and etiquette
    1. ECI report 2021
    2. What constitutes unethical behavior?
    3. Basis of ethics
    4. The case for business ethics
    5. Business etiquettes for the hybrid workplace
  8. Office politics
    1. What’s in this chapter?
    2. What alienates people?
    3. Conflict resolution
    4. How to build influence?
    5. How to get into a group?
    6. How to wield power?
    7. How to avoid politics?
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