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Four basic skills

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This book is all about Opening, Exploring, Satisfying and Closing, which are the four basic skills in professional selling.
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This book is all about Opening, Exploring, Satisfying and Closing, which are the four basic skills in professional selling. This book is useful for all Drug representatives and first line sales managers of pharmaceutical companies. You can learn and improve the selling skills which will help you to achieve your sales budget. The Manager can help their Drug representatives to improve their selling skills. I am certain it will ultimately help you achieve your corporate objectives.

  1. Opening
    1. Rapport building
    2. Rapport building in pharmaceutical selling
    3. Rapport building techniques in pharmaceutical selling
    4. Rapport building outside the Doctor chamber
    5. Rapport building inside the Doctor chamber
    6. Purpose of the opening
    7. When to open the call
    8. How to open
    9. Introduce yourself
    10. Uncommon ways of opening
    11. Opening for the coach
    12. Summary of Opening skill
    13. Share the key learning
  2. Exploring
    1. Why Exploring?
    2. What is a need?
    3. What is a need Gap?
    4. Types of needs
    5. When to Explore
    6. How to explore
    7. The Characteristic of good questions
    8. Types Of questions
    9. Exploring Techniques
    10. SPIN
    11. ADAPT Technique
    12. Listening (Six guiding principles)
    13. Exploring rating of Medical Representative for coach
    14. A Summary of Probing skill
    15. Share the key learning
  3. Satisfying
    1. What is ‘satisfying’?
    2. When to Satisfy?
    3. How to Satisfying
    4. Respect the customer’s needs
    5. Provide appropriate feature and benefits
    6. Check for acceptance
    7. SELL technique for effective Satisfying
    8. Supporting Rating of Medical Representative for coach
    9. Summary of Supporting skill
    10. Share the key learning
  4. Closing
    1. When to close
    2. How to close
    3. Avoid closing in the following ways
    4. Rating of Medical Representative for coach
    5. Summary of Supporting skill
    6. Share the key learning
One of the best books on pharma selling. It is very beneficial in today's competitive environment.
I have been a medical representative for some time, and I find this book interesting, relevant and reliable. Have actually recommended this to the new ones in our team. Great job.
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About the Author

Nazir Ahmad

I work in the Pharmaceutical Company, GlaxoSmithKline as a second line sales manager. In my current role I lead a sales team, including first line sales manager and drug representatives. I had begun my carrier as a Drug Representative.

I have gained a ten years experience in training the sales team in many sales programs, including selling skills and territory management for drug representatives. In my present role I not just retain the talents but also hire them. I also establish plans and strategies to expand the business. I also have a practical experience as a Drug representative.

Earlier I had accomplished the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree and an MBA. I also received training from several renowned institutions and consultants on selling skills, territory management, and high performance behaviors for managers, leaderships and team building I have begun writing on the selling skills of pharmaceutical products furthermore I plan to write on the management competencies and leadership also.

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