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Micro Talk: Slippers or Shoes?

Ideas for Conquering Working Remotely from Home

8m 5s
Language:  English
Working away from the office is something that some people will embrace whilst others might find a bit of a challenge. Learn keys to success, such as having a designated workspace to structuring work.
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This talk is about how to successfully manage working remotely from home either through choice or because you have to. Working away from the normal office setting is something that some people will embrace with open arms whilst others might find it a bit of a challenge. It covers the main things you need to think about from having a designated workspace in your house and making sure you use it to work in and not the sofa; planning and structuring your work, working smart; communicating with your team and importantly maintaining an online social life with your colleagues. 

Working remotely from home can be awesome, embrace the challenge, get more done and use the opportunity to improve your work/life balance.

About the Author

Sandy Leong is Director and Head of Training at MyTrainingResources, delivering training on personal development, management development, public speaking and training other trainers, across the UK and abroad. She initially trained as a teacher but left teaching to work in a variety of Training and Development roles, before setting up her own training company over 25 years ago. Sandy is a published author, writing both books and training materials; and a professional speaker lecturing on many of the large cruise lines and also on land. She is Chair of the Board of Trustees for a large Charity in the town in which she lives. 

About the Author

Sandy Leong