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Essentials of Marketing Research: Exercises

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The Essentials of Marketing Research introduces the principals and tools of marketing research, discussing topics such as exploratory research design and conclusive research design.
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The Essentials of Marketing Research introduces the principals and tools of marketing research, discussing topics such as exploratory research design, conclusive research design, sample sizes, questionnaire design, and data analysis. This exercises e-book is a companion to The Essentials of Marketing Research text and is also available for free download. It will help marketing students put their theoretical knowledge into practice and provide valuable exam preparation.

Each chapter is subdivided into multiple choice and essay questions, followed by detailed answer summaries and explanations. Students are tested on a wide range of topics and concepts, including research design, conclusive research design, sampling, measurement and scaling, questionnaire design, data preparation and preliminary data analysis, and report preparation and presentation.

Download Essentials of Marketing Research: Exercises e-book for free!

  1. Introduction to marketing research
    1. Solutions to chapter 1 questions
  2. Exploratory research design
    1. Solutions to chapter 2 questions
  3. Conclusive research design
    1. Solutions to chapter 3 questions
  4. Sampling
    1. Solutions to chapter 4 questions
  5. Measurement and scaling
    1. Solutions to chapter 5 questions
  6. Questionnaire design
    1. Solutions to chapter 6 questions
  7. Data preparation and preliminary data analysis
    1. Solutions to chapter 7 questions
  8. Report preparation and presentation
    1. Solutions to chapter 8 questions
This is useful to research professors to increase the critical thinking skills of their students.
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About the Author

Paurav Shukla

Paurav Shukla is the Professor of Marketing at Essex Business School, University of Essex, UK. His research interests include cross-cultural marketing, comparative consumer behaviour, and marketing in emerging markets with a particular focus on luxury brands. His research highlights the hidden meanings and associations embedded within consumption practices across cultures and offers novel insights for researchers and practitioners. 

Paurav’s career began in industry, and he continues to work hand in hand with industry as a researcher, practitioner and advisor. Previously he has held academic positions at Glasgow Caledonian University (UK), University of Brighton (UK), Liverpool Hope University (UK), Gujarat Law Society (India) and corporate organizations including 7th Sense Consulting (UK & India), Scanpoint Graphics (India), Claris Lifesciences (India) among others.

He also holds visiting professorship at Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Germany; Aalto University, Finland; Misr International University, Egypt among others. He has also delivered corporate training, teaching and consulting assignments for organisations in Europe, Asia and Africa, and has been actively involved in funded research projects.

He has written widely in the areas of his research domain in top-tier journals including Journal of Business Research, Journal of World Business, Marketing Letters, Information & Management, International Marketing Review, Psychology & Marketing, Eating behaviours, Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, Advances in Consumer Research, Journal of Entrepreneurship, and Journal of Product & Brand Management among others. He is an expert in quantitative techniques including structural equation modelling and complex lab and field experiments and has also published papers using mixed methods approach. He has contributed chapters to edited books, case studies and popular accounts of his work have appeared in the Sunday Times, the Guardian, Woman’s Wear Daily (the fashion bible), Luxury Society, Business Week, National Post of Canada and LiveMint Wall Street Journal, among others. He has been involved as a guest editor for journals, conference chair, and track chair for prestigious conferences such as EMAC. He is also on the editorial and review boards of several renowned conferences and journals.