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Management by Metaphors

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Learn how to work with metaphors and construct your own. For thousands of years (Religious) leaders have been influencing people with their metaphors. Including sixty metaphors you can use right away.
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  • About the author 
  • Praise for Management by Metaphors 
  • Introduction 
  1. The Metaphor 
  2. History 
    1. The Oracle of Delphi 
    2. Being There 
  3. Management by Metaphors 
    1. For yourself 
    2. For the other(s) 
  4. Methods 
    1. Solving problems 
    2. Constructing metaphors 
    3. The Metaphors 
    4. Worksheet 
  5. The storyteller 
  6. Pain 
  7. The orchestra 
  8. The blow with the hammer 
  9. The ghost 
  10. The rooster 
  11. The smartest 
  12. Not to speak 
  13. The wounded warrior 
  14. Garbage containers 
  15. Horse carriage 
  16. The traveler 
  17. The captain and the engine driver 
  18. The wind and the sun 
  19. The fisherman 
  20. The farmer and the hare 
  21. The doll 
  22. The king’s pigeons 
  23. The scared emperor 
  24. The three sieves 
  25. The jeweller and the clock
  26. Destiny 
  27. The tired goose 
  28. It depends on how you ask 
  29. The Zen master and the professor 
  30. The thief 
  31. The phone 
  32. Money 
  33. The mussel and the snipe 
  34. Poor visibility 
  35. Short-term versus long term 
  36. The chairman 
  37. The butterfly 
  38. Space Shuttle 
  39. Master Bankei 
  40. Rice plants 
  41. The vases 
  42. The fox and the tiger 
  43. Polar bears 
  44. Quality 
  45. The cave 
  46. The cranes 
  47. The effect of talking a lot 
  48. The pumpkin 
  49. The elevator 
  50. The wooden bowl 
  51. The first lecture 
  52. The rat 
  53. Moving mountains 
  54. Diamonds 
  55. The mark 
  56. Worms 
  57. Goal versus means 
  58. How to train a flea? 
  59. The vacancy 
  60. The tree planters 
  61. The needle 
  62. The three stonemasons 
  63. The treasure 
  64. The man and the lion 

This workbook is for people who wish to improve their leadership, motivational and coaching skills. From the moment man was able to speak, those who could tell inspirational stories rose to the top. For thousands of years (Religious) leaders have been influencing people with their metaphors.

After reading this book, you will understand why these people were so successful. In this workbook you will find sixty metaphors you can use right away. Furthermore, you will learn several methods with which you can construct your own metaphors and how to apply them in your work and daily living.

About the Author

Paul Baardman